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What is Hydrogel?

Simple but effective

The ideal aquatic herbicide additive, Hydrogel is tailor made for submerged aquatic weed management.

A Specialist Solution for the Control of Submerged Aquatic Weeds

Hydrogel is a new herbicide additive for Diquat (Reglone) specially developed to overcome issues associated with the control of Submerged Aquatic Weeds.

  • Hydrogel mix is heavier than water and sinks when applied to lakes, ponds and water-courses. It penetrates thermal layers and is less subject to drift than simple water based herbicides.
  • Hydrogel reduces the amount of herbicide to be used as much as 80% compared with conventional application techniques.
  • Hydrogel targets the weed, using less herbicide and less drift.


Find out more about Hydrogel in the About section, which has detailed benefits, case studies and more.